About Juiced2Go®

Juiced2Go® is a privately held company incorporated in California with offices in Beverly Hills, California. Juiced2Go® is focused on the design, production, distribution and delivery of an emergency mobile energy source that is convenient, small, light weight, recyclable, cordless, competitively priced and capable of delivering an instant shot of emergency power to your mobile phone.

The one thing that all cellphone users have in common is that at some point, almost every day, their phone will run out of power.
The second thing they have in common is figuring out by which method they will charge their device. This can be frustrating for many reasons; such as, not having a charger with you, nowhere to plug your charger in or just not having the time to wait while it charges. Based on the undeniable need for convenient emergency on-the-go power, Juiced2Go’s battery solution is the answer to your charging needs.

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