This charger is just what I wanted!

So small and convenient. It doesn't take long to charge, and I can charge my phone anytime, anywhere. I can carry it in my pocket or purse without worrying about carrying a charging cable because it's wireless. Absolutely!Donna D.

This one is the beast ๐Ÿ™Œ

It's slim and lasts forever. I've used it at least 5 times, and it's still going strong. This will be coming on our camping trip with us. If you need a portable battery that lasts, this is the one. I'm too lazy to find an outlet, so this lets me be my slacker self.Allen D.

I received this product securely packaged

Very easy to use and the quality is great. I bought the 10 pack for my entire family. It charges fast and very handy to carry. I just love it and would highly recommend.Joe P.

Wow! Finally a light and convenient charger!

Itโ€™s great for travel without the USB cord and itโ€™s perfect to put in your purse or pocket. It also charges my phone in minutes!Joleen S.
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